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Aromatherapy Natural Scented Candle Set

Aromatherapy Natural Scented Candle Set

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Bullet Points:
1.Home Aromatherapy: Transform your home into a peaceful oasis with our calming candles. Featuring a great fragrance of cotton and sage sea salt that burns cleanly, it provides a beautiful scent that fills your home. Indulge in a soothing home aromatherapy experience and achieve ideal relaxation.
2.Soothing Aroma: Embrace the peaceful energy with our candles, made from soy wax and lead-free cotton core. Infused with natural scents, these candles use effective natural ingredients to create a calm and soothing ambiance at home or in the business.
3.Travel-Friendly: Take the calming advantages of meditation with you, wherever you go. Our beautifully decorating candles feature amethyst, rose quartz and dried flowers, creating a peaceful ambiance for your mind and body. Packaged in a portable tin bag, they're perfect for outdoors relaxation.
4.Long-Lasting Calming Aroma: Light up these calming candles for a lasting aroma that burns up to 13 hours. Each 0.7 oz candle provides a soothing ambience that brings peace and relaxation to your surroundings.
5.Unique Gift: Indulge in the soothing fragrance of our calming candles and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere in your home. Each beautifully packaged scented candle is perfect for unwinding after a long day, delightful a romantic dinner, or meditating peacefully.
This scented candles set provides great perfume that burns cleanly. Made from soy wax and lead-free cotton core, it provides fragrance for a long time. Conveniently enjoy the benefits of meditation anytime, anywhere. Each scented candle is beautifully packaged.

Name: Scented candle
Weight: 100g/150g
Product Size:
Single candle (approx.)3.4*1.8cm/1.34*0.71 inches
Packing box length:
(approx.)8.5*8*2.1cm/3.35*3.15*0.83 inches
(approx.)12*8*2.1cm/4.72*3.15*0.83 inches
Specifications: 20g (piece)

Pack list:
Scented candle*4
Scented candle*6


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