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Dragon Blood Sage Smudge Sticks

Dragon Blood Sage Smudge Sticks

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Bullet Points:
1.Brilliant Sage Sticks: Dragon Blood Sage contains huge energy, ready to purify the energy in your sacred space, ideal for smudging ceremonies in your home.
2.Ideal for Your Surroundings: Sage Smudge can be used to cleanse negative energy, beneficial to sleep and cognition, creating space for positive energy and creativity.
3.Exquisitely Prepared: Dragon's Blood Sage is sun-dried, hand-wrapped, and soaked for enhanced effect, featuring lasting energy for you, carefully chosen and produced by hand.
4.Widespread Use: Dragons Blood Sage Smudge will greatly improve your mental focus, has a beautiful natural fragrance when burned, ideal for aromatherapy before meditation.
5.Handy to Use: Smudge Stick can be used for a place of spiritual practice, better to give an intention or a purpose before lighting, light the tip with a constant source of fire like a candle, as it may not light with a match or lighter.
Dragon Blood Sage is wonderful for smudging ceremonies in your home or place of spiritual practice.
1. Contains huge energy.
2. Idea for aromatherapy before meditation.
3. Has a beautiful natural fragrance when burned.
Product weight: ranging from 30~40g
Use time: 1.5 hours/a bundle
Packing list:
1*Dragon's Blood Sage


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