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Natural Pointed Smoky Quartz Crystal

Natural Pointed Smoky Quartz Crystal

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Introducing our Natural Pointed Smoky Quartz Crystal, a stunning addition to any crystal collection.

Each crystal is handpicked for its unique smoky grey color and naturally pointed shape, creating a one-of-a-kind piece that is truly special.

Smoky quartz is known for its grounding and protective properties, making it a powerful crystal for those seeking to balance their energy and find inner strength.

Our crystals are ethically sourced and are perfect for meditation, crystal healing, or simply as a beautiful decoration for your home or office.

Measuring approximately 4-8 cm in length, our Natural Pointed Smoky Quartz Crystal is small enough to carry with you wherever you go but large enough to make a statement in any space.

Order yours today and experience the calming and protective energy of smoky quartz for yourself!
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