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Pearl Gemstone

Pearl Gemstone

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Formed by various species of mollusc, Pearls are neither stones nor crystals, but actually gems.Pearls were gifted to royalty and symbolised high status, and they’ve since remained a representation of wealth, status and femininity.

Pearls have been associated with various cultural and religious symbols throughout history. They are often linked to purity, innocence, and beauty. In many cultures, pearls are considered classic and timeless, Whether natural or cultured, pearls remain a timeless and cherished gemstone.

this gleaming gem can help a Gemini maintain stability and assist in balancing the polarising moods that they’re prone to feeling. It also symbolises purity and innocence, and its close link to the third-eye chakra allows it to bring transparency and honesty to its wearer. It’s a natural regulator for opposites – transforming negative energy into positive and balancing the ego and modesty.








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