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Rough Raw Red Jasper (100g)

Rough Raw Red Jasper (100g)

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We are excited to introduce you to our Rough Raw Red Jasper, a beautiful and unique crystal that is sure to enhance your spiritual practice.

Each bag contains 100g of high-quality, natural Red Jasper stones that have been carefully hand-selected for their unique shape, color, and energy.

Red Jasper is known for its grounding and stabilizing properties, making it a popular choice for meditation and energy work.

This Rough Raw Red Jasper is perfect for those looking to connect with the Earth's energy and find balance in their lives.

Whether you are a seasoned crystal collector or just starting your journey, these stunning stones will make a wonderful addition to your collection.

At our store, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality crystals and customer service.

Each bag of Rough Raw Red Jasper is packaged with care to ensure that you receive the best product possible.

Order now and experience the grounding and stabilizing properties of Red Jasper for yourself!
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