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Yellow Natural Healing Stone

Yellow Natural Healing Stone

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Citrine is the stunning transparent, pale yellow to red-orange, to orange-yellow, to brownish orange variety of crystalline quartz. Many believed it was a gift from the sun which gives us a warm color to brighten up our mood. Though it’s not rare, most women value its impressive earth-toned color appearance which makes it more precious and brilliant. Its color changes from time to time depending on how you expose it. Citrine has positive characteristics when aiding the physical self and has an important role in valuing the spiritual self as well. It awakens and expands the higher mind, especially conscious awareness. 

It makes you more certain of your feelings because of its positive vibes flowing inside you. If you know you’re not feeling good emotionally, or it's a dim feeling, you can just look at the crystal and it will make you feel so alive and brighten up your day. Citrine will help your consciousness be certain of your decisions. 

It encourages you to be delightful and imparts enthusiasm. It helps you out of depression, develops self-expression, and makes you love yourself more as it keeps the value on how you trust yourself even more.. It aids emotional issues naturally and gives you the courage to continue especially when you’re not sure what action to take. 

This crystal uplifts your spirit and places your energy with its high vibe powers. Whether you're in a bad state of mind or losing your faith in all things in life, the bright and vibrant energy of this stone will release a higher frequency to revive feelings of positivity. It directs you out of the darkness and drives you into the light. Citrine charges your spirit with optimistic energy, which is a very powerful tool when expressing wealth. 


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